Company Profile

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Information Quality believe that to effectively design, construct and operate a facility, simple and efficient access to all the latest information, accurate drawings and critical documentation is imperative.

To assist our clients in enabling reliable access to these key deliverables, IQ provides high quality Design, Drafting and Engineering Data Management Solutions to the Petrochemical and Mining Industries.

Utilising the latest industry standard software applications, Information Quality can create, modify and administer key Engineering Deliverables, ensuring that operations, design and maintenance teams can always rely upon the information and data presented to them. This confidence in presented information allows the efficient use of resources across all stages of a facility’s life cycle.

Information Quality’s experienced and dedicated team are fully capable of creating new standard templates and seed files, working with existing client templates, or modifying client templates and pro-formas to client requirements. With this flexibility and our dedication to delivering quality product, IQ are confident of providing the most beneficial product to our clients Operations, Maintenance and design teams.

Quality Assurance

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We think that the most important aspect of delivering quality products is the Quality Assurance process.

IQ apply the highest standards of QA to all activities, both internal and external, and subject all deliverables to rigorous checking and re-checking prior to release.

It is a core value of Information Quality that any Design, Drawing or Dataset provided or administered by IQ will be managed in such a way as to provide the client with the highest degree of confidence in the product.

Deliverables from Information Quality will always contain Quality Information.

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